1. The Pearl Condominiums Website is Live!

    The website for our newest project is now up. Six beautiful units in a totally restored building in Glover Park. Summer 2016 delivery. Sales will handled by Trent & Co at Compass begin in a few weeks. Sign up for more information and updates.

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  2. Our New Website

    The Rubin Group is delighted to announce the launch of our new web site. The address is www.trg-dc.com. Our new site was designed to communicate our mission, vision and passion as well as the experience, attention to detail and distinctive design aesthetic incorporated into each TRG project. Over the past six years, from our ambitious […]

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  3. 40th Place Excavation Complete

    Construction on 2233 40th Place is moving along smoothly. We have finished excavating the basement and underpinning is in progress. It is really incredible to see the plans executed, we have removed 10 feet of dirt below the building to create living space where there had once been a shallow crawl space! As we complete […]

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